Live Music Exchange Digest – w/c 13/08/2012

Welcome to our weekly digest of news and events in industry, academia and more. This week’s Live Music Exchange blog post: Dr. Paul Carr on Higher Education and the Live Music Industry (video) – Live Music Exhchange Leeds, May 4th This video from the Live Music Exchange, Leeds event features Dr. Paul Carr, Head of the Music Academy at the …  

Curfews askew: Some thoughts on gigs and the games – Adam Behr

Now that The Games are almost afoot, naysaying is an increasingly unfashionable position. They’re here now – enjoy. Not the most consistent of arguments – it’s like saying, “I’ve been threatening to crash your house and hold a party for weeks, but now that it’s in full drunken flow, you’re as well grabbing a beer and getting into the swing of things”. I ponder here on a couple of the issues arising from later curfews for Olympic gigs in public parks than others that have taken place this year.