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What’s happening to London orchestras? – Gavin Henderson (1977)


Author:  Gavin Henderson
Organisation / Affiliation / Publisher: Tempo, Cambridge University Press, (Issue 123 pp. 10-13)
Source: Academic
Date: 1977

“Cause and effect? London is where more music is made than any other city in the world; it is also where there would seem to be more criticism of the orchestral diet. We are blessed with enough orchestras to create a shy, at which critics may hurl their balls—but never take home a prize, for they have come to the wrong stall. Indeed, when a prize is offered they themselves are too shy to accept. Coconuts seldom jump off perches of their own free will, just as orchestral managements are fearful of stamping their feet with frustration for fear of being asked—’now, now! how many should there be?’. But several recent occurrences tempt me to look over the edge. […]”

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