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Live Music Census 2012 – Dobe Newton, Music Victoria (2012)


Author(s): Dobe Newton, Music Victoria
Publisher:  NMIT, RMIT, Box Hill Institute, Victoria University, JMC Academy
Date: 2012

The Victorian Live Music Census was a world-first project initiated by Music Victoria and the City of Melbourne, utilising the talents and energies of music performance, sound production and music business students from Melbourne.

Sending individual collectors into as many of Melbourne’s music venues as possible on one night was seen as a unique and effective way of gaining first-hand data on the city’s vibrant live music scene.

Music Victoria and the City of Melbourne – through their respective administrations, provided vital funding support. Academics on the Music Victoria Education Advisory Committee distributed material across their various courses/campuses and encouraged students to volunteer.


Click here to read the Executive Summary.

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