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Opportunities for Growth in the UK Events Industry: Roles & responsibilities: A report to the All Party Parliamentary Group For Events – Britain for Events (2011)


Author: Britain for Events
Organisation/Affiliation/Publisher: Business Visits & Events Partnership and Events Industry Forum
Date: 2011

The music and festivals market will grow significantly in future years. Although the recession has had an impact on some events, particularly some of the smaller festivals that do not always have the resources behind them to underwrite difficult years, the long term trends towards greater leisure time and demand for entertainment are positive. The UK’s strong musical and festival heritage also makes this a potentially strong market for attracting visitors to the UK: 7,000 major outdoor events held each year, 700 folk festivals held each year in the UK; No. of music licences issued up by 10% to just under 100,000p.a.; Between 2005 and 2009 there was an average annual increase of more than 1.64 million adults attending outdoor festivals and events in the UK; More than 50,000 (2008) people employed in the UK’s live music industry.

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