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Music Hall: The Business of Pleasure – Peter Bailey (ed.) (1986)


Author(s): Peter Bailey (ed.)
Organisation/Affiliation/Publisher: Open University Press
Date: 1986

An edited collection of essays examining the history and socio-economic context of music hall from the mid nineteenth to early twentieth century.

Introduction: Making Sense of Music Hall
Chapter 1 Building the Halls
Chapter 2 A Community of Friends: Business and Good Fellowship in London Music Hall Management, c. 1860-1885
Chapter 3 Provincial Music Hall: Promoters and Public in Leicester
Chapter 4 The Composition of Music Hall Audiences 1850-1900
Chapter 5 ‘Managers in a small way’: The Professionalisation of Variety Artistes, 1860-1914
Chapter 6 ‘It was not what she said but the way she said it’: The London County Council and the Music Halls
Chapter 7 Manchester Morality and London Capital: The Battle Over the Palace of Varieties

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