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Live Music Act 2012 – UK Parliament (2012)


Author(s): UK Parliament
Organisation/Affiliation: Government
Date: 08/03/2012

An Act of Parliament resulting from a Private Member’s Bill introduced by Liberal Democrat peer Lord Clement-Jones and pursued with Liberal Democrat MP Don Foster.

It removes some of the red tape imposed by the Licensing Act of 2003 and eases restrictions on the provision of live music.

 The primary changes are that a licence will no longer be required for unamplified live music taking place between 8am and 11pm, and for amplified live music taking place between the same times before audiences of no more than 200.

 This act, crucially, also removes a long-standing presumption against musical performances unless licensed that threatened sanctions under criminal law.

 Large events remain subject to licensing legislation and risks such as health and safety are covered by other laws.

Click here to read the Act.

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