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Liberating Creativity – UK Music (2010)


Author: UK Music
Organisation/Affiliation/Publisher: UK Music
Date: 2010

UK Music’s manifesto: “By 2020, it is our ambition to take on North America as the biggest music-producing country in the world.   The report takes the current strength of the UK’s music industry as a starting point: The UK is second only to the USA as a source of repertoire; As a nation, UK consumers buy more music per capita than almost anywhere else in the world; The UK industry is hugely diverse – 81% of music companies employ less than 5 people; Music contributes at least £5bn annually to the economy, of which £1.3bn comes from export earnings; Our live music is legendary. We host the world’s biggest greenfield festival, the most successful ticketed venue and a diverse – yet fragile – grassroots network of clubs, pubs and bars. Building on this foundation of strength, Liberating Creativity sets out the scale of our ambitions for the next decade, and what we need to do to get there.  It is a call to action for both Government and industry.”

Click here to read the full report.

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