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International Perspectives of Festivals and Events: Paradigms of Analysis – Jane Ali-Knight et al (eds.) (2008)


Author(s): Jane Ali-Knight, Martin Robertson, Alan Fyall, Adele Ladkin
Publisher:  Elsevier
Date: 2008

International Perspectives of Festivals and Events addresses contemporary issues concerning the potential of festivals and events to produce economic, social, cultural and community benefits. Incorporating a range of international perspectives, the book provides the reader with a global look at current trends and topics.

It includes a broad range of research, case studies and examples from well-known scholars in the field to form a unified volume that informs the reader of the current status of festivals and events around the world.


Part one: Destination, image and development

1. Using major events to promote peripheral urban areas: Deptford and the 2007 Tour de France.
2. Weymouth’s once in a lifetime opportunity
3. Tourism and the Hans Christian Andersen bicentenary event in Denmark
4. Establishing Singapore as the events and entertainment capital of Asia: Strategic brand diversification
5. The South Korean Hotel Sector’s perspectives on the ‘pre’ and ‘post-event’ impacts of the co-hosted 2002 Football World Cup.

Part two: Community and Identity

6. Indigenous Australia and the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games: Mediated messages of respect and reconciliation
7. How festivals nurture resilience in regional communities
8. The Buon Ma Thuot coffee festival, Vietnam: Opportunity for Tourism?
9. Tasting Australia: A celebration of cultural identity or an international event?
10. Festivals and tourism in rural economies

Part three: Audience and Participant Experience

11. Commemorative events: sacrifice, identity and dissonance
12. Running commentary: Participant experiences at international distance running events
13. Elite sports tours: special events with special challenges
14. The British pop music festival phenomenon

Part four: Managing the Event

15. A model for analyzing the development of public events
16. Human resources in the business events industry
17. Measuring the impact of micro-events on local communities: A role for web-based approaches
18. Post-modern heritage, chivalry, park and ride: Le Tour comes to Canterbury
19. Towards safer special events: A structured approach to counter the terrorism threat

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