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Glastonbury Festival Tales – Crispin Aubrey and John Shearlaw (2004)


Author(s): Crispin Aubrey and John Shearlaw
Organisation/Affiliation/Publisher: Ebury Press
Date: 2004

An oral history of the Glastonbury Festival- ‘This is the remarkable story of how the Glastonbury Festival, that started as a party in a Somerset field in the 1970s, went on to become one of the world’s most famous music festivals.

The tales are told in the words of everyone involved with the festival, from Michael and Emily Eavis and Arabella Churchill to Glastonbury village residents and local policemen. There is also a wealth of celebrity contributions: we hear from David Bowie, Normal Cook, Fran Healy, Chris Martin, Billy Bragg and John Peel, to name just a few.

It adds up to a fascinating slice of popular history, telling the full story of this much loved festival.

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