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Editorial: The Business of Live Music – Simon Frith (2011)


Author: Simon Frith
Organisation/Affiliation/Publisher: Arts Marketing: An International Journal,  1 (2)
Date: 2011

This paper introduces a special issue of Arts Marketing on the business of live music. It explains the context of the issue ” a conference springing from a research project and outlines both the neglect of the live music promotion business in academic research and the reasons for promoters’ importance as an object of study. Various issues in the live music business are highlighted: music as a service; the live music ecology; live music and technology; the value of the live music experience. The papers in this issue of Arts Marketing were first delivered at a conference on The Business of Live Music held in Edinburgh University from 31 March-2 April 2011. This event was organised to celebrate the conclusion of a three-year AHRC-funded research project, directed by Simon Frith and Martin Cloonan, on the history, sociology and economics of live music promotion in Britain since 1950.

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