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Economic Insight 23: Adding up the music industry for 2010


Author(s): Will Page and Chris Carey
Organisation / Affiliation: Performing Right Society
Date: 08/04/2011

There were significant downturns in both recorded and live music, attributable to increased pressures on domestic income and, amongst other factors, the fact that many major touring acts were not on the road in 2010.

  • UK music exports continue to grow, outstripping even the US
  • Total UK music revenues down in 2010, falling 4.8 percent to £3.8bn
  • Industry adapting to change with growth reported in B2B licensing.
  • Live: Primary ticket sales fell from £956.9m in 2009 to £843.5m in 2010, a fall of 11.8 percent.
  • The secondary market (those tickets traded on resale sites, such as GetMeIn, Seatwave and Viagogo) grew by £21m, with arenas accounting for the greatest volume of tickets traded.
  • At-the-event spend (often referred to as ancillary revenues), which had grown nearly 60 percent over the previous five years, also faltered in 2010, falling 3.5% to £444m (from a revised £460m) as a result of fewer people going to live events. However, when people did go out, they spent similar amounts to the previous year. Consequently, total live revenues fell from £1.59bn to £1.48bn, down 6.8 percent.

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