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Can Opera Be Brought to the Masses?: A Case Study of Carmen the Opera – Graeme Currie (1994)and Carrie Hobart


Author(s): Graeme Currie and Carrie Hobart
Organisation/Affiliation/Publisher: Marketing Intelligence & Planning, 12 (2), pp. 13-18
Date: 1994

Addresses the question as to whether opera can be brought to the masses (defined as socio-economic groups other than A and B). First, it describes the methodology used in collecting the data. Goes on to describe and analyse the audience profile of opera-goers, and non-opera-goers, in terms of demographic, psychographic, and geographic analysis, and to establish reasons for attendance and non-attendance among different social groups, based on culture, motivation, and attitude. Finally, makes recommendations in the form of a marketing mix to encourage a wider audience for opera.

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