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A History of Jazz in Britain: 1919-1950 – Jim Godbolt (2005)


Author(s): Jim Godbolt
Publisher:  Northway Books
Date: 2005

A History of Jazz in Britain 1919-50 was the first truly comprehensive survey of this phenomenon from a British perspective. Despite the increase in literature since it was first published, there is no other book to rival it. This new edition includes additional photos and an updated text.

It covers the American trail-blazing artists of the twenties and thirties, their influence on British musicians, the specialist magazines, rhythm clubs, discographers and pundits, and the fascinating cloak-and-dagger plots to defy the Musiciansí Union ban.

A wealth of conscientiously researched detail is related with the trenchant and pithy humour for which the author is well-known.

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