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2nd Annual AIF Survey – Association of Independent Festivals (2010)


Author: AIF
Organisation/Affiliation/Publisher: Association of Independent Festivals
Date: 2010

With 24 members ranging from boutique festivals such as Standon Calling through to world famous events such as Creamfields and Bestival, around 350,000 people will attend AIF member festivals this year (up from 340,000 in 2009).

In all they will inject more than £130M into the UK economy with over £12M directly funnelled to local businesses.

This year over 69% of those attending festivals will spend 3 or more days in the local area of the festival, up from 60% last year. Those attending WOMAD will stay the longest with 48.8% prepared to spend 4 or more days in the local area.

The total spend of a festival goer this year totals £346 including ticket, with those attending Camp Bestival the biggest spenders with an average of £532 average per person.

Once at the festival 43% of respondents will spend 60 – 79% of time watching music. Reflecting the wide range of entertainment on offer, those attending Secret Garden Party and Camp Bestival spend the least time watching bands with 73.8% and 67.2% of audience spending less than half their time doing so.

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