Liberating Creativity – UK Music (2010)

A report by UK Music outlining the strength of the UK’s music industry and setting out its ambitions for the future, calling for action to support growth from both government and industry.  

Music Festivals: YouGov report – SixthSense (2012)

YouGov report on festival attendance, indicating a marked downturn between 2011 and 2012 and providing statistics of festival goers’ responses to the economic downturn and changes in the festival market.  

Ticketmaster and Live Nation: A report on the anticipated merger between Ticketmaster Entertainment, Inc and Live Nation, Inc [full report / appendices and glossary] – Competition Commission (2009)

Competition Commission report into the merger between Ticketmaster Entertainment, Inc and Live Nation – includes analysis of the live music industry in the UK and the competitive effects of the merger in the market for the primary retailing of tickets for live music events and in the markets for live music promotion and live music venues.