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Opportunity to contribute to ‘The Purple Guide to Health, Safety and Welfare at Music and Other Events’ (Draft) – Events Industry Forum


This week’s blog post is to flag up the fact that the so-called ‘purple guide’ is currently being rewritten and that the authors are actively seeking comments and amends.  The ‘purple guide’ is the event industry’s ‘bible’ of how to plan for and manage plans for health, safety and welfare at events such as festivals and music gigs, and contains information on major incident planning, medical, venue & site design, fire safety, temporary structures, special effects, noise, and waste management, and much much more. Please do get involved if you have experience of such events that you would like to contribute (see below for how).

Click here to access the (draft) online guide

Introduction to the Guide

The Purple Guide to Health, Safety and Welfare at Music and Other Events (Draft) has been drawn up by the Events Industry Forum in consultation with the UK events industry, including representatives from regional and national Government. This publication is designed to replace the original ‘Purple Guide’ (HSG195) which was originally published by the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) in consultation with the industry.

Covering both legislation and good practice, this new guide has been designed to sign-post event organisers and suppliers to the practices and issues that need to be considered when events are being organised. The contents are not designed to be prescriptive and those using this guidance should undertake appropriate risk assessments and evaluations to evaluate the specific requirements of the specific events they are organising or involved with.

In some areas, the guide signposts users to other sources of information that may be helpful.

The Chapters available on this site currently are in draft format and should be used purely for guidance. If you have comments on the drafts, please register and use the comment form at the bottom of each chapter page or submit them to stating clearly the chapters they relate to as well as a paragraph reference number.

We will be unable to respond to comments directly however all comments made with the correct paragraph reference will be considered by the editorial/working groups in the Autumn of 2013 before the final publication is launched. The closing date for receiving comments is 31st October 2013 but please submit them before this date.

Please note that this is a forum for discussion, dialogue, and debate, and posts and comments on this blog represent only the author, not Live Music Exchange as a whole, or any other hosting or associated institutions.


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