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Industry Panel (video) – Live Music Exchange, Leeds, May 5th 2012 – feat. Simon Frith and Whiskas


Click here to view the video on youtube.

This is a video from the Live Music Exchange, Leeds event that featured a panel of academics and representatives from Leeds and beyond. The theme of the conference was ‘Interesting Times for Live Music’ and the panel discussed the threats and opportunities to local live music in the current economic downturn.

Chaired by Martin Cloonan (University of Glasgow)


Simon Frith (University of Edinburgh / Mercury Prize)
Whiskas (Live at Leeds Unconference / Honour Before Glory / ¡Forward Russia!)
Nick Simcock (Dead Young Records/Oporto)
Ben Kirby (Manager of The Subways)

Issues discussed include:-

– The panel members’ relationship with live music
– Reflections on live music in Leeds
– Reflections on State support for live music and the impact of regulation
– The Australian approach to live music and regulation
– City centres: how to strike the balance between live music and residents’ rights
– Reflections on whether it is a good/bad time to be running a venue at the moment
– The impact of digital media on live music and the opportunities that social media brings

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