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Hamish Birchall & Martin Cloonan (video) – Live Music Exchange, Leeds (May 4th 2012)


Hamish Birchall is interviewed by Martin Cloonan about the Live Music Act 2012 and the campaign that led to it.

Click here to view the video on youtube.

This is a session from the Live Music Exchange Leeds event that deals with the background to the Live Music Act 2012 and some of its possible effects.

The Live Music Forum was originally established by musician Phil Little in Hastings in 1993 to campaign for a relaxation in the laws that restrict live music in England and Wales.

It promoted the idea of a live music licensing exemption for small gigs in the UK, and for over 10 years was the hub for the exemption campaign, publicising Hamish Birchall’s licensing updates, lobbying MPs and Peers and initiating successful online petitions.

As such it played a major role in the success of the Live Music Act 2012, due to come into force in October.

Hamish Birchall – a successful jazz musician whose Hamish Birchall Band regularly appears on the London scene as a jazz trio  –  was a driving force behind the campaign. Here he talks to Martin Cloonan (Professor of Popular Music Politics at Glasgow University) about how the Act came about and the implications now for live music in England and Wales.

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