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Dr Paul Carr on Higher Education and the Live Music Industry (video) – Live Music Exchange Leeds, May 4th 2012


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Paul Carr, Head of the Music Academy at the University of Glamorgan, discusses the research that led to his recently published report Playing Wales: the relationship between higher education and the live music industry in Wales in a video from the Live Music Exchange, Leeds event in May 2012.

The paper covers the methodology of the research, including an online questionnaire, and looks at some of the specific features of the Welsh live music landscape. It also examines ways in which Higher Education institutions can build a more mutually productive relationship with the live music sector, including techniques such as giving credits for industrial experience, helping musicians to apply for grants and engaging in knowledge transfer partnerships.

As indicated in reports such as Building New Business Strategies for the Music Industry in Wales (ap Siôn, 2009),  An Assessment of the Feasibility of Establishing an Independent Music Licensing and Royalty Collection Agency for Wales (Ap Rhisiart and Owen, 2011) and Investigating the Live Music Industry in Wales: A Critical Analysis (Carr, 2011), the value of live music to the Welsh economy is significant, with the most recent calculations from the PRS indicating the value of UK Live music in 2010 to be £1,430 million – down 6.8% on the previous year’s £1,589 million (Carey and Page, 2011).

In 2010, Wales was considered to have a 4% share of the UK total revenue (Around £60 million), a figure which as outlined in Paul Carr’s 2011 report provides a foundation and incentive for future growth.

This paper presents interim findings of a project undertaken for the Higher Education Academy, which investigated the ways in which practitioners in Wales make a living in the live music industry, and how this living is and can be made more productive by Higher Education.

After briefly overviewing a number of earlier projects undertaken by the project leader related to the Welsh music industry-, it discusses interim data from current literature, an online questionnaire and interviews with industry stakeholders.

This is achieved by outlining the training and qualifications practitioners in the live music industry require, in addition to how they want to access it, and most importantly, how higher education, government and industry can address these needs.

Paul Carr’s blog with further details of his work can be accessed at:

Further information about this project is also available at:


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