Sustainable Production Guide – Julie’s Bicycle

The production process has apparent and hidden impacts. This guide navigates the environmental consequences of production through the key areas of lighting and sound, set design, set disposal, rehearsal, recording and musical instruments.  

Practical Guides: Audience Travel – Julie’s Bicycle

Audience travel is the greatest contributor to the carbon footprint of the arts. While not directly under the control of venues and companies, this guide is designed to help you exercise the influence that you have over audiences to inform them of the environmental benefits of travelling green, and provide sustainable travel options for them.  

Practical Guides: Touring – Julie’s Bicycle

Research into the impacts of touring bands, orchestras and theatres with a series of recommendations for how touring companies and productions can reduce their environmental impacts, often with little cost attached.

Live Music Exchange Digest – w/c 10th December 2012

Welcome to our weekly digest of live music news and events in industry, academia and more. Click to jump to:- This Week’s Blog Post One to Watch Live Music News Live Music Features Live Music-Related Events This Week’s Blog Post Big news for small venues in South Australia – John Wardle John Wardle is one of Australia’s foremost advocates for …