Musicians’ Union ‘Live Music Kit’ (2012)

A ‘Live Music Kit’ provided by the Musicians’ Union containing practical and creative advice for venues to coincide with the implementation of the Live Music Act on 1 October 2012.

Live Music 101 #3 – Why Concert Promoters Matter – Matt Brennan and Emma Webster

In the third of our series on the theories that underpin our research into live music, Matt Brennan and Emma Webster attempt to define the promoter and how they operate, in an extract from ‘Why Concert Promoters Matter’, originally published in Scottish Music Review in 2011. The authors analyse existing accounts of live music promoters and offer their own analysis of what a promoter is and does, concluding that promoters may use one or more of three basic models of promotion within rock and pop: ‘independent’, ‘artist-affiliated’, and ‘venue’.  

Live Music Exchange Digest – w/c 01/10/2012

Welcome to our weekly digest of live music news and events in industry, academia and more. The Live Music Act: a blog post from the archives:- Today – Monday 1st October 2012 – the Live Music Act 2012 (LMA) comes into effect, which frees up smaller venues to provide live music. To mark this event, we delved into the archives …