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Wigmore Hall 1901-2001: A Celebration – Julia Macrae (ed.) (2001)


Author:  Julia Macrae (ed.)
Organisation/Affiliation/Publisher: The Wigmore Hall Trust
Date: 2001

Illustrated paperback history of the Wigmore Hall. Includes:

  • Contributions from the General Manager.
  • Historical material by Cyril Ehrlich
  • Chapter on pianist
  • Chapter on singers
  • Critic Alan Blyth’s recollections of over fifty years’ attendance
  • Graham Johnson on programme [;ammomg
  • Analysis of the Hall’s acoustics
  • Article by Andrew Payne on out-of-the-ordinary evente (like Music Hall, Concert Parties and dancing displays).
  • Contributions from ‘behind the scenes’ workers at the Hall

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Click here for brief history of the Hall (pdf) by Julia Macrae

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