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The UK Festival Market Report 2010 – Matt Brennan and Emma Webster


Author(s): Matt Brennan and Emma Webster
Publisher: UK Festival Awards

The UK Festival Market Report 2010 was prepared by Live Music Exchange’s Matt Brennan and Emma Webster, and was included in the 2010 Festival Awards conference programme.

The first part is a detailed Industry Overview including an Economic Overview, Ticket Price Inflation, Present and Future Issues (Government Policy, PRS for Music Tariff Review, Festivals and the Recording Industry, The Environment and Green Festivals, Festival Trends Outside the UK).  The Report contains charts illustrating the growth in the number of festivals, ticket price inflation compared to the Consumer Price Index, and the ownership of festivals in the UK as of 2010.

The second part of the Report is based on Festival Awards’ annual UK Festival Census and covers Who are Festival-goers, The Perfect Festival, The Biggest Downers for Festival-goers, Spending Habits, and Ticket Buying.

Click here to read the entire report (PDF)


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