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The feasibility of a live music economic impact study – DCMS/Frontier Economics (2007)


Author(s): Frontier Economics
Organisation/Affiliation: DCMS/Frontier Economics
Date: 01/08/2007
Source: Government

An outline of the practical issues to consider in undertaking a substantive and systematic study of the economic impact of live music in the UK Includes:

  • Assessment of the merits of using case studies or surveys
  • Description of the economic framework necessary for conducting a robust study and drawing useful conclusions
  • Cost benefit analyses of different sources of information (primary sources such as case studies or surveys against secondary sources, along with indications of what such sources might be)
  • Suggests that the output from such a study is likely to be an estimate of the impact of live music that combines quantitative estimates of the impact on venues’ profit as well as on wider communities with qualitative statements resulting from the surveys.

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