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Sponsorship, funding and strategic function: Carling Festival and V-festival – Paul Walters and Razaq Raj (2004)


Author(s): Paul Walters and Razaq Raj in Festival and Events Management: An International Arts and Culture Perspective, Ian Yeoman, Martin Robertson, Jane Ali-Knight, Siobhan Drummond , Una McMahon-Beattie (eds.), pp. pp. 358-371
Publisher:  Taylor and Francis

This chapter introduces two annual outdoor festivals in England, UK that operate under the Miscellaneous Provision Act of 1982. One of the many purposes of this act is to cover licenced entertainment with singing or dancing, prerecorded or live music. The chapter outlines the significant importance of obtaining and maintaining an occasional public entertainment licence for outdoor festivals, along with the economic impact to local communities and the necessity to fully consider their opinions within the planning and application process. The chapter also outlines how principal sponsors add to the dynamic nature and long-term sustainability of outdoor festivals.

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