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Rock Culture in Liverpool: Popular Music in the Making – Sara Cohen (1991)


Author(s):  Sara Cohen
Organisation/Affiliation/Publisher: Clarendon Press
Date: 1991

Rock bands have been an important part of Liverpool’s culture and identity since the 1950s, and there are over 1,000 bands in the city. This book delineates and discusses rock culture in Liverpool as a way or style of life, highlighting its associated conventions, rituals, norms, and beliefs within the city’s own unique social, economic, cultural, and political environment. It deals with the hitherto little explored music-making by ‘local’, ‘amateur’ rock bands, that are precariously poised between success and failure, caught between the urge of original creativity and the pressures of the record industry. Their struggle is discussed in detail within the context of their social and cultural lifestyle and the commercial environment within which they operate. Broad artistic and social issues are examined in great detail, through the biographies of a few specific bands, notably The Jactars and Crikey it’s the Cromptons!

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