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Report on Licensing Act 2003: Executive Summary – Live Music Forum (2007)


Author(s): Live Music Forum
Organisation/Affiliation: Live Music Forum
Date: 04/07/2007
Source: Industry/Government

Summary of findings and recommendations arising from an investigation into the impact of the 2003 Licensing Act. Notes that the Act has had a broadly neutral effect on the provision of live music, although not led to the promised increase either, Also maintains that several issues, at the time of publication, remained unresolved.

Concerns centre around the removal of the ‘two-in-a-bar’ exemption from the need for licensing for two or fewer performers. Notes that ‘incidental music’ needs to be properly clarified and also that recommends that greater provision be made for interested parties to speak in favour of an application for live music.

Notes that the majority of licensing authorities have been professional and helpful in dealing with live music but advocates ministerial censure for the minority that have been, knowingly or otherwise, heavy handed. Proposes that ministers, along with industries and local government, put in place a system to periodically review decision making procedures of licensing authorities.

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