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Paying the piper: culture, music and money – Alan Peacock (1993)


Author: Alan Peacock
Organisation / Affiliation / Publisher: Edinburgh University Press
Date: 1993

In this semi-autobiographical account, Sir Alan Peacock examines the subject of arts funding. Drawing on over 25 years experience as economic adviser on musical matters, Peacock criticizes much of current UK arts policy thinking and practice. His often light-hearted personal anecdotes always reveal a serious point, as he gives insights into how policy is conducted and explains how economic analysis can throw light on problems of the music profession.


  • Introduction – tuning up
  • Prelude – personal interest
  • Intermezzo – economics of music in one lesson
  • Molto furioso – financing orchestras
  • Intermezzo – attempts to apply operations research to music production
  • Moto perpetuo – experience as economic consultant to the Performing Rights Society considering copyright issues
  • Valse triste – reflections on author’s work as member, then Chairman, of the Scottish Arts Council
  • Finale – resolving remaining discords.

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