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Oh, How We Danced! The History of Ballroom Dancing in Scotland – Elizabeth Casciani (1994)


Author(s):  Elizabeth Casciani
Organisation/Affiliation/Publisher: Mercat Press
Date: 1994

‘Ballroom dancing has a relatively long history in Scotland. The first ballroom was opened in 1710, and for over 250 years, ballroom dancing was immensely popular, the dance floor being the focal point for social life. Drawing on many years of research and personal accounts of the dancers themselves, the book offers a comprehensive social history of ballroom dancing in Scotland.

It tells the story, with many illustrations, of the dancers and the activity, in an attempt to capture the glamour and excitement of those dancing days. The time periods covered include: the 18th century and the aristocratic Assemblies; the 19th century: popular Assemblies; 1900-10: the growth of the dancing schools; 1910-20: flappers and Fox Trots; 1920-30: rise of the Big Palais Ballrooms; 1930-40: big bands and scandals; 1940-50: crooners and championships; 1950 to the present: from couples to individuals.’

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