Notes for Students

We are happy to help with student enquiries but please bear in mind that our time is limited and that many enquiries about sources can be answered if you spend some time yourself searching the site and reading through the results.

Please take a moment first to read these guidelines:

Obviously research into ‘live music’ is wide-ranging and complex in nature. This site contains a great many resources – and links to even more ¬– that can be accessed via our ‘Resources’ section.

The articles and reports on here have many different origins – but broadly speaking they tend to be academically, industry or policy oriented.

You can search the resources in a general way by clicking on one of the links under ‘tags’ – the larger the text, the more resources there are with that tag.

For a more specific search – for instance if you’re looking for information about a specific locality, type of music or author – you can use the search box and categories on the resource page. Please note that this differs from the more general search box at the top of webpage that searches the whole site and will return more links and pages but in a less focused manner.

To narrow your search, select one of the categories listed. For a wider search, click ‘all resources’.

Each entry in the resource section has a brief note about its content – clicking the link will take you to a page with a précis of the resource and, in many cases, some key facts and figures. There were also be a link to the full document.

In same cases the full documents may be behind a paywall. Where this is because they are in a subscription only academic publication it may well be the case that you will have full access to the publication via your University or college.

There is a great deal of information on our resource section, and in the blog. If, having looked thoroughly through the site, you still want further assistance or information feel free to get in touch but note that we will require the follow information:

• Your full name
• The name of the institution you are studying at and the name of your course and year group
• The title of your project

Additionally, please include a list of the resources on Live Music Exchange that you have looked at, stating where possible which ones are closest to the sort of information you are looking for. This will help us to develop the Live Music Exchange as we add more resources to it.

Finally, we’re also interested in the outcomes of your work so do let us know how you got on and what you discovered over the course of your research.