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New World Symphony: Summary Report: 2010 – 2013 Concert Format Assessment – Alan Brown and Rebecca Ratzkin (2013)


Author(s): Alan Brown and Rebecca Ratzkin
Publisher:  Wolf Brown
June 2013

In late 2010, the New World Symphony (NWS) embarked on an experiment to develop and evaluate new concert formats that would appeal to younger, less experienced concertgoers. NWS was able to launch four new concert formats: Mini-Concerts, Encounters, Journey Concerts, and PULSE.

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Overarching Findings Across Formats

1. NWS’s alternative formats open doors to classical music for a range of audiences

2. Shorter concert experiences can deliver big impact

3. Non-traditional formats can appeal to all audiences, not just young and inexperienced concertgoers

4. Multi-layered programmatic elements, deployed with a high level of artistic integrity, can greatly enhance the concert experience

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