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Music Concerts and Festivals – UK – Mintel (2004)


Author(s): Mintel
Organisation/Affiliation: Mintel
Date: 01/08/2004

How has the Internet affected the music concerts and festivals market? The same old crowd? It cannot be argued that music is a vital part of everyday life. Its importance is demonstrated by the sheer volume of artists, promoters and venues. In this report, Mintel investigates the trends in the music concerts and festivals market and changes within. Along with exclusive consumer research, the report provides recent influences affecting the industry. Research indicates that attendance at live concerts is remaining steady. However, with just under half of the population attending, Mintel believes the industry is failing to attract new audiences. Despite this, live performances are a vital source of sales, as fans have the opportunity to see their heroes live and tours are quickly selling out. The increasing penetration of the Internet has helped purchasing of tickets, allowing consumers to gain information on tours and events and book online.

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