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Mapping the music industry in Scotland: a report – John Williamson, Martin Cloonan and Simon Frith (2003)


Author(s): John Williamson, Martin Cloonan and Simon Frith
Organisation/Affiliation/Publisher: Scottish Enterprise
Date: February 2003

[Excerpt] The music industry in Scotland currently generates in the region of £106 million annually in sales of music and services.  This figure can fluctuate greatly with any given year due to such things as release and concert schedules.  In addition, the public sector in the shape of the Scottish Arts Council, local authorities and the Scottish Enterprise Network contribute around £18.8 million to the music economy in Scotland.  The industry is made up of approximately 2,040 full time employees and 2003 part-time workers.  Additionally, hundreds of workers are employed on a short-term basis for events such as festivals and large outdoor concerts … While investment by the major labels in Scottish artists has declined, investment by international companies in the Scottish live music scene has increased.  This is indicative of the fact that live music is one of the most successful sectors in the music industry in Scotland.

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