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Live and prerecorded popular music consumption – Juan D. Montoro-Pons and Manuel Cuadrado-García (2011)


Author(s):  Juan D. Montoro-Pons and Manuel Cuadrado-García
Publisher:  Journal of Cultural Economics, Volume 35, Issue 1, pp 19-48
Date: February 2011

Changing consumption habits have rearranged the popular music market in the last decade, and a pattern in which live music attendance gets an increasing share of the market has emerged. This work analyzes the demand for the popular music sector considering its double dimension as supplier of live concerts and prerecorded music. We use the 2006/2007 wave of Spain’s Survey on Habits and Cultural Practices, and estimate a bivariate probit model for attendance to live concerts and the purchase of prerecorded music. Results allow us to describe the profile of the average and frequent consumer in both markets, which shows some similarities—gender effects and the role of cultural capital—but also striking differences—time restrictions and relation to economic activity, and the use of technology. Finally, we find evidence of demand complementarities, with a direct causal link from prerecorded music to live attendance that helps explain recent institutional changes.

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