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EU Creative Industries Funding Guide – Joanna Parker (2011)


Author(s): Joanna Parker
Organisation/Affiliation: Scotland Europa
Date: 2011

This Funding Guide covers the main programmes which are likely to be of use to organisations operating in the Creative Industries Sector. The information in the Guide is not exhaustive, it gives outline information on each of the programmes covered, but readers are advised to use the links provided to get more detailed information and to keep up to date with current deadlines and changes in eligibility or focus.  Much of the terminology involved may look complex to those who have not been involved in EU funding programmes before, or who are new to transnational activity. Scotland Europa staff are always available to provide further insight and guidance and to assist with potential project development and/or provide advice on specific project applications.

For additional assistance from Scotland Europa you can contact: or 0141 228 2537

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