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Building a stronger future for the arts: Arts Council of Wales Plan 2009-2012 – Arts Council of Wales (2009)


Author(s): Arts Council of Wales
Organisation/Affiliation: Arts Council of Wales
Date: 2009

Vision: A creative Wales where the arts are central to the life of the nation.

Mission: We are the lead body for the arts in Wales:-

– Supporting the creation of high quality art;
– Encouraging more people to enjoy and take part in the arts;
– Growing the arts economy;
– Developing the effectiveness and efficiency of our business.

Arts Council of Wales is the country’s funding and development agency for the arts.

Values: expert, effective, creative, collaborative, open, accountable.

We want Wales to be a country where …

– arts and culture are central to our identity as a nation, making people want to visit us and know us;
– artists of quality and imagination live and work;
– the arts are at the heart of its community and economic revival, making them a factor in all local and national planning;
– the arts are more widely available, with the broadest range of people enjoying and taking part in the arts;
– artists of distinction and ambition enhance the country’s cultural reputation.

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