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Adding up the UK music industry for 2010 – Will Page/Chris Carey (PRS for Music) (2011)


Author: Will Page and Chris Carey
Organisation / Affiliation / Publisher: PRS for Music
Source: Industry
Date: 08/04/2011

UK music exports continue to grow, outstripping even the US; Total UK music revenues down in 2010, falling 4.8 percent to £3.8bn; Industry adapting to change with growth reported in B2B licensing.  Live: Primary ticket sales fell from £956.9m in 2009 to £843.5m in 2010, a fall of 11.8 percent.

The secondary market (those tickets traded on resale sites, such as GetMeIn, Seatwave and Viagogo) grew by £21m, with arenas accounting for the greatest volume of tickets traded. At-the-event spend (often referred to as ancillary revenues), which had grown nearly 60 percent over the previous five years, also faltered in 2010, falling 3.5% to £444m (from a revised £460m) as a result of fewer people going to live events.

However, when people did go out, they spent similar amounts to the previous year. Consequently, total live revenues fell from £1.59bn to £1.48bn, down 6.8 percent.

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