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The Live Music Exchange can provide training materials for HE and FE courses that touch on aspects of live music, from a variety of angles including sociological, historical, cultural, and economic.

Members of the Live Music Exchange team are happy to deliver guest lectures for institutions that offer relevant courses.

The Live Music Exchange can provide training and/or awareness-raising about issues affecting [live] music for council departments, e.g. Health & Safety, licensing, environmental health.

Get in contact at if you would be interested in discussing any of the above in more detail.

Answers to some commonly asked questions regarding recent developments in the live music sector can be found here.

We also provide access to a range of helpful materials for a range of practitioners and concerned parties:

Information for Promoters
Information for Musicians
Licensing and Regulation Information
Health and Safety Information


The Musicians’ Union ‘Live Music Kit: A Guide to Hosting and Promoting Live Music.
A guide for venue owners and publicans on how to run successful live music gigs in accordance with new and existing legislation. Contains advice on how to maximise benefits from the Live Music Act 2012

Guide for New Promoters: Produced by the Arts Council England and Jazz Services: A resource with a list of points to consider and address for promoters starting out in jazz. Also useful for new promoters in other areas.

Guide for New Folk Promoters: A guide by Jazz Services on a range of subjects including – contracts, finding a venue, booking artists, publicity and marketing

How to Develop Audiences for Jazz: A substantive report produced by audience and organisational developments practiceMorris Hargreaves Macyntire in conjunction with Jazz Development.

Event Management: An introductory overview provided by Creative and Cultural Skills that outlines potentially useful qualifications and the broad skills needed for the job.

Outdoor Events: A guide to sustainable practice when putting on outdoor events, produced.

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The Musicians Guide to Getting and Doing Gigs: Tips provided by JazzWorks on how to find appropriate places to play and what to do to ensure a successful gig.

Playing Live: A BBC guide, with useful video resources, to playing live.

Generator – Playing Live: Practical Advice from music development organisation  on playing live.

Solo Gigs: Established artist Tom Robinson provides tips and tricks for the solo musician.

National Venue and Promoter Directory: A user-friendly resource for Black-led music groups in the UK

Green Touring: A guide to ecologically sustainable touring practice, produced by Julie’s Bicycle

Marketing and touring: A guide to marketing an event on tour, produced by the Arts Council

Marketing Your Band:  A Jazz Services guide to marketing a band, includes information on packaging and selling your act, reaching audiences and pricing- geared specifically to the working musician.

See also this: Sample Press Release, provided by the Arts Council, with information on key information to include.

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PRS for Music Live Events:  Guide, with answers to common questions, to the licensing requirements for different types of venue and event

Copyright: A Jazz Services guide to the different aspects of copyright, including information on publishing, how royalties are calculated and performance royalties.

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The Event Safety Guide (2nd Edition): A guide to health, safety and welfare at music and similar events produced by the Health and Safety Executive.

Sound Advice: Control of noise at work in music and entertainment.

Provides practical guidance on the control of noise in music and entertainment and advice on compliance with The Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005.

Structural Safety at Festivals: A report produced by the Association of Independent Festivals. Includes research findings, best practice guidance and emergency planning advice.

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More reports and articles are available in our searchable Resources section.