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Live Music Exchange Digest – w/c 20/08/2012


Welcome to our weekly digest of live music news and events in industry, academia and more.

This week’s Live Music Exchange blog post:

The role of street music for the ‘creative city’  –  Karolina Doughty

Dr. Karolina Doughty from the University of Brighton’s School of Applied Social Sciences introduces new research being undertaken alongside the University of Stockholm into busking and street music, looking beneath the surface of these practices to examine their cultural and policy implications and how these relate to the ‘affective management’ of modern cities.

Live music and the live music industries in the news:

Pussy Riot sentenced to two years in prison colony over anti-Putin protest. The verdict is greeted with defiance and criticised as ‘disproportionate’ by human rights groups, the EU and the US. The band release a new single as more messages of support flow in from musicians, including Billy Bragg and Paul McCartney

Pussy Riot protesters arrested in Marseille


Noel Gallagher ‘told to mime at Olympic show’

Blur release Olympic closing concert as live album

George Michael defends Olympics closing ceremony song

David Bowie, Sex Pistols, The Rolling Stones, Kate Bush turned down Olympics closing ceremony

Oasis, Elbow, Spice Girls get album sales surge after Olympics closing ceremony


Jeremy Hunt considers biennial culture festival

Edinburgh festivals: Better venues are needed to boost capital’s events

Cher Lloyd is booed and walks off stage at V Festival

Man found dead at V festival in Staffordshire

V Festival hit by cancellations as Frank Ocean and Nicki Minaj pull out of appearances

Secretsundaze Go Bang! announces new venue

Ultra Music and Ultra Music Festival join forces


Irving Azoff to sell 2m Live Nation shares

Stockhausen’s helicopter opera set for take off

The xx and Richard Hawley team up with BBC Philharmonic for concert series

Royal Opera House to shut down ROH2

Norwich music teaching programme saved by local funding after being dropped by Government’s Harmony scheme

Landlord axes ‘unsafe’ Pantiles jazz nights in Tunbridge Wells


Pete Adams from rock band Baroness is released from hospital after their tour bus crashed off a viaduct near Bath. Nine people were injured including band and crew members and the bus driver remains in a critical condition.

Elton John’s bass player, Bob Birch, found dead

SXSW creative director Brent Grulke dies aged 52


Woman sues council after slipping over in vomit at Whitesnake gig

And finally, Barf a minute: After Lady Gaga pukes mid-performance, The Independent rounds up some other on-stage ‘oops’ moments


Selected features and comment:

Investigation: ATP. Liquidated in June with debts of over £2.6m, then reborn in July with the support of many creditors and, seemingly, the fans. What is going on with ATP? The Stool Pigeon investigates and interviews founder Barry Hogan, who admits that ‘promoting concerts is like going to the races’.

Leeds United’s Police Victory Is Good News for UK Festival Organisers: Ben Challis argues that the football club’s successful challenge to West Yorkshire Police’s charges for policing costs will be beneficial to to promoters.

The X Factor in a thousand words: As The X Factor returns to a slump in ratings for its first episode, here is a link to Professor Tim Wall’s exploration of the its myths and functions.

Edinburgh Fringe: How much do people pay for free shows? : Stephen Brocklehurst looks at the growing phenomenon of free shows at the Edinburgh Fringe for the BBC news website.

Media take a prim view of Pussy Riot: The Guardian‘s US News Blog looks at how media organisations have shied away from naming the band.



MOBO Awards to return to ACC Liverpool Echo Arena in November

Applications open for 2013 Made In the UK, a jazz concert series with opportunities to perform at the Rochester International Jazz Festival in the USA.

Jazz Services and the Scottish Jazz Federation (through Creative Scotland investment) will once again be working together, offering a financial and production contribution to the series next year, assisting in coordinating this event alongside the series’ promoters ESIP and the Rochester Jazz Festival.

Applications open: 13th August.
Closing date: 30th September.

Further information available at:

Perspectives on Musical Improvisation Conference: 10th -13th September 2012
AHRC Centre for Musical Performance as Creative Practice/University of Oxford.

Invited Speakers:

  • Professor Thierry Escaich, Professor of Composition and Performance, Paris Conservatoire
  • Professor Ingrid Monson, Quincy Jones Professor of African-American Music, Harvard University

Panel discussion:

  • Professor Lydia Goehr, Professor of Philosophy, Columbia University
  • Professor Garry Hagberg, James H. Ottaway Jr. Professor of Aesthetics and Philosophy, Bard College
  • Professor George Lewis (discussion respondent), Edwin H. Case Professor of American Music, Columbia University

The Musicians’ Union hosts a one day workshop on An Introduction to Working in the Community Music Sector

When: 11 Sept
Time: 10am – 5pm
Musicians’ Union
60—62 Clapham Road

To book your place please go to:

Musicians’ Union hosts the MU Tax Savings Guide

When: Tuesday 19 September 2012
Time:  10.30am-12.30pm

This workshop is exclusively for MU members and is free to attend.


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