LIVE DMA Survey 2015 – LIVE DMA

A survey of LIVE DMA member organisations, covering mostly small to medium venues in Spain, Belgium, Denmark, France, Norway and the Netherlands, covering topics such as ticket sales and level of subsidy.  

Wish You Were Here: Music Tourism’s Contribution to the UK Economy – UK Music /Oxford Economics (2013)

Author(s): Oxford EconomicsPublisher: UK Music/Visit BritainDate: October 2013 UK Music have identified that 6.5 million music loving tourists attended a festival or gig, generating £2.2 billion spending in the process. The study reveals that tourists at live music events not only add billions to the UK economy but offer astounding regional tourism benefits, motivating Britain-wide travel. Music tourism provides a massive boost to the UK’s nations, …  

Live Music Census 2012 – Dobe Newton, Music Victoria (2012)

A world first- taking a census of all the musical activity in a city on one night, illustrating Melbourne’s music scene and providing rich data regarding music making and consumption in the state of Victoria in both small and large scale contexts.