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TRIBUTE: Bill Kyle (1946-2016) by Tom Bancroft


Bill Kyle, jazz drummer and driving force behind The Jazz Bar on Edinburgh’s Chambers Street passed away suddenly at the beginning of November 2016. He was central to the development of the live jazz scene in Edinburgh, and Scotland. Below is a link to a tribute from drummer Tom Bancroft, which originally appeared in London Jazz News.

“No jazz life is easy, every jazz life is on the fringe, and a jazz life in a smaller scene like Scotland is like a fringe of a fringe. In Scottish jazz it isn’t easy to balance supporting and investing in the people around you with the desire to work with people who excite you from the wider amazing world of jazz… But the scale of the sense of loss that the musicians in Scotland are feeling right now clearly demonstrates how Bill was one of the very few people in Scottish Jazz who managed to get that difficult balance right – between investing in the potential of the local whilst looking out at the world. He made musicians based here, at all levels, feel supported and valued, as well as welcoming great musicians from round the world and treating them with respect.”

Full tribute available at:


Image: Edinburgh Jazz Bar (c) Brian McNeil 2015 Wikimedia [brian <dot> mcneil @ wikinewsie <dot> org]





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