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NEW REPORT LAUNCHED: The Cultural Value of Live Music from the Pub to the Stadium: Getting Beyond the Numbers


Today’s post marks the release of a new report by Live Music Exchange team members Adam Behr, Matt Brennan and Martin Cloonan, working from the Universities of Edinburgh and Glasgow.

The Cultural Value of Live Music from the Pub to the Stadium: Getting Beyond the Numbers (click to download or read the report online)


It is the result of research undertaken for a project on the cultural value of live music and is part of a much larger project on Cultural Value run by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC).

As part of this wider piece of work, the AHRC put out a call for proposals which explored the ‘ecology of publicly-funded and commercial arts and cultural provision’. Our work contributes to this, using the live music sector as a case-study. We aimed to look at the relationships between venues and also the interplay of policy implementation and the live music ecology.

The research behind the report is primarily qualitative in nature our goal being – as the title suggests – to look ‘beyond the numbers’ in three case-study localities: Camden, Glasgow and Leeds. Whilst our own emphasis was not primarily economic, along with funding from the AHRC, we were also fortunate to work with three key music industry organisations – UK Music, the Musicians’ Union and PRS for Music.

These are all active in research on behalf of musicians and the music industries. As well as contributing to the wider discussion on cultural value, our aim here is for the qualitative snapshots that we provide here to build on the existing work released by the sector.

Selected recent and key resources released by our project partners can be accessed below. They include:

We are pleased to launch our own report today at the Musicians’ Union in London. You can read and download it here and please feel free to get in touch with us at with any queries or to take part in the conversation.

Adam Behr, Matt Brennan, Martin Cloonan


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