Blog Post Guidelines

1)  Timescale – we aim to publish a minimum of one blog post a month.  If you do agree to write a post for the website, we would ask you to have the copy with us within six weeks.

2)  Word limit – flexible, but probably 2,000 maximum.  If you want to write a short, pithy piece of around 500, however, this would also be fine.

3)  Audience – Live Music Exchange aims to engage a wide range of people, so please use as little jargon as possible.  There will be academics reading the blog, but also industry people, journalists, and the general public, so the tone/style can be the linguistic equivalent of “smart casual” – not as formal as an academic paper, but not as chatty as a Facebook message.  Hopefully you will get a feel for tone from what is up there already, but we are also open to having lots of guest bloggers, so there will not be one set ‘voice’.  You can see examples of other posts here.