Live Music Census in Victoria, Australia – Dobe Newton

Dobe Newton, organiser of the live music census in the state of Victoria in Australia, gives some background to the census, a discussion of the research process, an overview of the findings and also comparison with wider industry figures.  

Live Music Census 2012 – Dobe Newton, Music Victoria (2012)

A world first- taking a census of all the musical activity in a city on one night, illustrating Melbourne’s music scene and providing rich data regarding music making and consumption in the state of Victoria in both small and large scale contexts.  

The $20 Ticket – Bob Lefsetz

This week’s blog post was written by music industries blogger, Bob Lefsetz, and originally published in the regular Lefsetz Letter, republished here with permission. In it, he shows how Kid Rock bargained with his merch company, and his promoter and ticket agent, in order to get a fairer deal for the fans.  

Live Music Exchange Digest – w/c 29th April 2013

Welcome to our weekly digest of live music news and events in industry, academia and more. Please not that in the future, the weekly email will contain our blog post for the week, and you can keep up to date on live music developments via our Twitter feed: @LMExchange Click to jump to:- This Week’s Blog Post One From the …