Anatomy of a Gig #1 – John Bramwell (I Am Kloot) – Emma Webster

This first in a series – Anatomy of a Gig – introduces a space for people to comment objectively about live music events that they have attended, to build a resource for promoters and musicians on what works and what doesn’t work at a gig. In this way, the Anatomy of a Gig series will review the gig as a live music event rather than reviewing the music per se. Emma Webster kicks off with an account of a John Bramwell show.  

Report on Live Music Act- 2003- Impacts

Author(s): Live Music Forum Organisation / Affiliation: Live Music Forum Date: 04/07/2003 Source: Industry / Government Detailed analysis of the impact of the 2003 Live Music Act on the provision of Live Music in the U.K. Provides case studies of discrepancies between how the terms of the act itself and how they were perceived, by practitioners, the media and the public. …