Parking tickets? An overview of the secondary market regulation debate – Adam Behr
With an amendment to the Consumer Rights Bill finally making some provision for greater transparency in ticket sales, Live Music Exchange’s Adam Behr takes a look at the long history of attempts to regulate the secondary ticketing and calls for continued vigilance in the run up to next year’s review of it.
Throwing A Lifeline To Grass Roots Music Venues – Horace Trubridge
Horace Trubridge, Assistant General Secretary of the Musicians’ Union reflects on his experience of music venues and the increasingly challenging environment in which they operate. He suggests that if a healthy grass roots live scene is key to the emergence of the talent which fuels the music industry, shouldn’t the industry be doing more to help?

Making Sense of Pomplamoose – Professor Simon Frith

Towards the close of 2014, Pompaloose’s Jack Conte posted a detailed breakdown of their 23 date US tour income and costs, and provoked a lively blogosphere debate. With the dust settled, Live Music Exchange’s Professor Simon Frith discusses what can be learned from the post and the spectrum of perspectives it mobilised.

‘Understanding Small Music Venues': Introducing an Interim Findings Report – Mark Davyd

This week’s blog post is from Music Venue Trust’s Mark Davyd, as a follow-up to Venues Day 2014 which was held in December 2014 and attended by over 120 venues from across the UK and by Live Music Exchange. Together with partners at the Institute for Contemporary Music Performance, this blog post includes a link to the first ever national research about how these venues operate, the challenges they face and the role they play. 



Under the Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act 2005, councils can designate areas within which people must buy a licence to hand out leaflets. Nearly a third of councils now restrict leafleting, and licences are prohibitively expensive.

These rules have been catastrophic for theatres, village halls, comedy clubs and small nightclubs, which rely on leafleting, but cannot afford such fees.

This campaign, launched with a letter to The Daily Telegraph – signed by promoters such as Harvey Goldsmith, and musicians and comedians such as Al Murray and Belle and Sebastian’s Stuart Murdoch – argues that litter can be dealt with through proper provision of bins and other common-sense measures, rather than restrictions on people’s rights to use public space.

It maintains that leafleting is a key civic freedom, with a long tradition in this country, and should not be restricted without good reason and argues that since the 2005 Act already provides exemption for political and religious leafleting, or leafleting on behalf of a charity, this should be extended to provide an additional exemption for leafleting for small-scale cultural and community events.

For more information, and to sign the petition, please click here.

The Bill received its second reading in the House of Lords on Friday 5th July and is now through to Committee stage. Read the transcript here.

The more signatories we have, the greater the chance the Bill will succeed, so please sign and forward to your friends and colleagues.


The Cultural Value of Live Music from the Pub to the Stadium: Getting Beyond the Numbers (click to download or read the report online)

Part of the Arts and Humanities Council’s Cultural Value project, this work looks at the ecology of music venues and at the interplay between the private and public spheres in live music.

Informed opinion and lively discussion from expert sources

How To Communicate With Your Monitor Engineer – Mark Hadman
The ecology of live music – Neil McSweeney
What’s it worth? Calculating the economic value of live music – Dave Laing
America’s Got Talent Invite, Must Be The Music, and my Rapid Rise to Superstardom – Thomas Truax
Martin Cloonan on the secondary ticket market
Venue design and redesign – Robert Kronenburg
The political economy of live music: first thoughts – Simon Frith
A materialist approach to live music – Simon Frith 

Comprehensive and evolving archive of industry, academic and government research, and media reports, on a wide range of topics related to live music in the UK and beyond.

The Rocktober Report: The Live Music Act, One Year On – UK Music / Musicians’ Union
The UK Festival Market Report 2010 – Matt Brennan and Emma Webster
Social Semiotics – The Business of Live Music: Special IssueMusicians’ Union’s Live Music Kit
Destination Music: The contribution of music festivals and major concerts to tourism in the UK
The Event Safety Guide: A guide to health, safety and welfare at music and similar events (Second edition)Ticketmaster and Live Nation: A report on the completed merger between Ticketmaster Entertainment, Inc and Live Nation, Inc [full report / appendices and glossary]
EU Creative Industries Funding Guide: Joanna Parker.
Supporting UK Musicians Abroad: Julia Payne and Adam Jeanes – Arts Council and British Council research on funding opportunities.


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Where are the venues in my hometown?
How do I know my ticket is legitimate?
Are festivals in decline?
What’s all the fuss over secondary ticketing about?
Where can I found out about the economic effect of festivals?


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