Liverpool, Music City? – Craig G Pennington

Is Liverpool really a global music city? Ahead of a public discussion at Constellations on 4th May which sees the launch of the Liverpool Live Music Census (part of the UK Live Music Census project), Craig G Pennington makes the case for a Liverpool City Music Office, run by the city’s music community.


Girls Against – a rally call against sexual harassment – Anna Cowan

Anna Cowan, is 17 and lives in Glasgow.  She, along with 3 of her friends, founded and run the campaign, Girls Against, to fight against sexual harassment at gigs.


Resources for Road Crew – Gabrielle Kielich

This blog is an introduction to the resources available for workers who may be interested in becoming a member of a tour’s road crew. PhD student Gabrielle Kielich provides guidance to some of the information available and invites readers to suggest other useful resources.


The UK’s live music culture under pressure – Adam Behr

The UK Live Music Census – a Live Music Exchange project – opened on Thursday 9th March with snapshot censuses across six cities. Online surveys of audiences, musicians, venues, and promoters open until May, aim to build a picture of live music activity across the country. Today’s post features a repost of Adam Behr’s article for The Conversation, which discusses the pressures on live music in the UK along with the historical and present day context of the census.

Please do complete the surveys, which are available at: http://www.uklivemusiccensus.org


UK Live Music Census begins amidst concern over the threat to gigs from budget tax

The UK Live Music Census – a Live Music Exchange project – began at noon yesterday, on Thursday 9th March.  The first strand to the data collection exercise – snapshot censuses in Glasgow, Newcastle, Oxford, Leeds, Brighton and Southampton – finished today at 12 noon. Volunteers have been out and about trying to get to every live music event in town to collect rich data about events and audiences. The second strand are online surveys of audiences, musicians, venues, and promoters, open until May, which aim to build a picture of live music activity across the country.


Are DJ fees killing dance music? – Gareth Whitehead

This week’s blog post is by guest contributor Gareth Whitehead, who manages Bullet Dodge Records, regularly  promotes House and Techno events, and lectures in Music Business at New College Lanarkshire. In it, he highlights the issue of high DJ fees and the booking agents who ask for them, and questions whether there is now a need for collective action against such practices.


Informed opinion and lively discussion from expert sources

How To Communicate With Your Monitor Engineer – Mark Hadman
The ecology of live music – Neil McSweeney
What’s it worth? Calculating the economic value of live music – Dave Laing
America’s Got Talent Invite, Must Be The Music, and my Rapid Rise to Superstardom – Thomas Truax
Martin Cloonan on the secondary ticket market
Venue design and redesign – Robert Kronenburg
The political economy of live music: first thoughts – Simon Frith
A materialist approach to live music – Simon Frith 

Comprehensive and evolving archive of industry, academic and government research, and media reports, on a wide range of topics related to live music in the UK and beyond.

The Rocktober Report: The Live Music Act, One Year On – UK Music / Musicians’ Union
The UK Festival Market Report 2010 – Matt Brennan and Emma Webster
Social Semiotics – The Business of Live Music: Special IssueMusicians’ Union’s Live Music Kit
Destination Music: The contribution of music festivals and major concerts to tourism in the UK
The Event Safety Guide: A guide to health, safety and welfare at music and similar events (Second edition)Ticketmaster and Live Nation: A report on the completed merger between Ticketmaster Entertainment, Inc and Live Nation, Inc [full report / appendices and glossary]
EU Creative Industries Funding Guide: Joanna Parker.
Supporting UK Musicians Abroad: Julia Payne and Adam Jeanes – Arts Council and British Council research on funding opportunities.


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